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  • How can I purchase tickets to your comedy shows?
    You can purchase tickets online through our website.
  • What is the age requirement for attending comedy shows at your club?
    Most of our shows are for guests aged 18 and above. However, please check the specific age restrictions for each show, as they may vary.
  • Can I make reservations for a specific comedy show?
    Reservations are available for certain shows. Please check our website or contact us for reservation details.
  • Can I bring my own camera or recording equipment to the shows?
    To respect the performers' rights and copyrights, the use of cameras and recording equipment is generally prohibited during the shows.
  • What time should I arrive for a comedy show?
    We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before the showtime to ensure you have enough time to find parking, grab drinks, and get seated comfortably.
  • Do you have accessible seating and facilities for guests with disabilities?
    Yes, we have accessible seating and facilities to accommodate guests with disabilities. Please let us know in advance, and we'll ensure your visit is comfortable.
  • Are there any age-appropriate shows for children or teenagers?
    While most of our shows are intended for adults, we occasionally host family-friendly or all-ages comedy events. Check our schedule for upcoming family shows.
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