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  • How can I purchase tickets to your comedy shows?
    You can purchase tickets online through our website.
  • What is the age requirement for attending comedy shows at your club?
    Most of our shows are for guests aged 18 and above. However, please check the specific age restrictions for each show, as they may vary.
  • Can we purchase tickets at the door?
    Yes, you may purchase tickets for a show at the door once we open, but you'll still have to pay the ticketing fee and taxes, and tickets cost more at the door. We encourage guests to buy their tickets online ahead of time.
  • Where are my tickets?
    We do not email tickets or offer physical tickets. Upon purchase, you will be sent an email confirmation with your order number and all of the info you need.
  • My credit card isn't being approved for tickets, what should I do?
    More than likely, the credit card processing company has flagged your card for possible fraud. Their fraud detection suite is very sensitive. We have no control over this. Usually, it's because you either have a typo in your address or card number, or the address you entered doesn't match what your bank or credit card company has on file for you. Double check your your information and try again. Your account may show a pending charge because of this, but it will off. Sometimes pre-paid cards don't work either.
  • What time should I arrive for a comedy show?
    We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before the showtime to ensure you have enough time to find parking, grab drinks, and get seated comfortably.
  • Can I use my camera during the show?
    Feel free to bring your camera to take pictures before and/or after the show. There is absolutely NO photography or video during the show. An announcement will be be made before the show asking you to silence and put away cell phones. Any violation of this rule results in expulsion from the venue with no exceptions.
  • How does seating work? Can I sit with my friends?
    First come, first served! Not all seats are equal, but all of them do have a pretty good view of the stage. We have tables that seat 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12 plus bar top seating. You may be seated at a table with others. Most seats have a place to set your food or drinks, but you may be in a low chair, high back chair or bar stool. Arrive early to get preferred seating. If you have a large group, please contact us at We will do our best to seat you all together. Please have your ENTIRE party arrive at least 30 minutes before showtime.
  • Do you have accessible seating and facilities for guests with disabilities?
    Yes, we have accessible seating and facilities to accommodate guests with disabilities. Please let us know in advance, and we'll ensure your visit is comfortable.
  • Are there any age-appropriate shows for children or teenagers?
    While most of our shows are intended for adults, we occasionally host family-friendly or all-ages comedy events. Check our schedule for upcoming family shows.
  • Is there free parking?
    Yes, we have a large parking lot, but spots may fill up fast on nights with double shows. Arrive early to ensure you get a spot.
  • Do you serve alcohol?
    Yes, we have a full bar with great signature and select cocktails, plus 24 beers on tap.
  • Are we allowed to engage with comedians who are on stage performing?
    Yes and no. If the comedian is specifically calling on you, or asking you a question or otherwise engaging the audience, you may participate. If you are heckling the comedian or otherwise interrupting the show, you will be asked to leave.
  • What comes with a VIP table or booth?
    VIP tables or booths generally include admission for two people with the purchase of one ticket. You and your guest will have a reserved booth or table for two. The tables are closer to the stage, while booths are further back, but generally considered more comfortable. Occasionally, VIP tickets may be sold as is, or include meals or drink tickets. Check the event description when purchasing.
  • I have several transactions on my credit card or bank statement when I only meant to run my transaction once. What should I do? Will I be charged multiple times?
    No, you shouldn't be charged multiple times. More than likely your transactions were flagged by the credit card processing company. Their fraud detection suite is quite sensitive. You should only be charged once and the other transaction attempts are being held for review. They are pre-authorizations, which sometimes appear as pending. Don't worry, they should fall off your statement on their own. Like a pre-aithorization when checking into a hotel, you shouldn't be charged. If you have any issues, please contact the club.
  • If I am asked to leave the club by the staff, will I be refunded for my ticket purchases or food and drink purchases?
    No. If you are disrupting the show, being rude to people, vaping, too intoxicated, etc. and asked to leave, you will not receive a refund.
  • If I purchase a ticket to a show and I'm no longer able to attend, can I receive a refund?
    No. We have a strict no refund policy. You may give your tickets to someone else, resell them, or request an exchange for a different show. If ticket prices aren't the same, you may still have a balance for the more expensive ticket.
  • Can I resell my tickets to someone else?
    Yes. If you know the buyer, you can give them the name or email address you purchased the tickets under. If it's a stranger, we'd recommend you give them the order number from your confirmation email, to avoid giving out any personal information.
  • Can you accommodate larger parties/groups?
    Generally yes. We'd recommend you attempt to purchase all of the tickets for your party in one transaction if possible. If you have a party larger than 6, please contact the club at ahead of time to arrange accommodations and we'll do the best we can, but cannot guarantee larger parties will all be sat together.
  • Do you rent out your venue?
    Yes. We have several party packages to fit your needs, which may include a comedy show, DJ, in-house catering, table linens, etc. Please contact the club for more information. Event page coming soon!
  • Is the language or content at the club offensive?
    While we do not deliberately book people who are openly offensive, nor would we ever deliberately book someone who espouses openly offensive or hateful views, we also do not censor comedians or review their material ahead of time. We have no way of knowing in advance what may happen during a live performance. We don't encourage offensive language or views, and such things do not reflect the views of the club, it's staff or other comedians. Please note that due to the unique nature of the stand-up comedy setting, a person’s subjective belief that something is offensive, does not necessarily render it as such. We will not issue refunds to anyone who doesn't like the performance. You are welcome to leave at any time. By entering the building, you are acknowledging that you may hear curse words, adult content or language which some could deem offensive.
  • If the bartender refuses to serve me anymore, is there anything I can do?
    No. Our bartenders are certified, well trained professionals. They will not over-serve you. It's against the law and they have our full support. They have the final say and there is no arguing.
  • How long are the comedy shows?
    Most shows run about 90 minutes long. They may run long, and may start late as well. Plan accordingly
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